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Used Hotel Goods for Sale:

Fort Pitt Hotel Furniture LLC is your one-stop-shop for furnishings!  We offer high quality liquidated furnishings from high end hotels at package rates that you can afford. From bedroom or dining room furniture to televisions and refrigerators, Fort Pitt Hotel Furniture LLC has a wide variety of furnishings that will suit your needs.

Fort Pitt Hotel Furniture competitively prices all room packages so that owners get amazing value in these trying economic times. Fort Pitt Hotel Furniture liquidates hotels all over the country, so check back often for a project that may be nearby your property. Fort Pitt Hotel Furniture also offers shipping to anywhere in the US, so if you see something you like, it can always be shipped directly to you.

Check back here frequently to see new availability of products for motel owners to purchase. We regularly update our website with the latest arrivals.

Add your email address so we can regularly notify you when a new project is beginning and goods will be available for wholesale in quantities.

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